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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 22, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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do youdo you know fake meth for kids? go to and tell me what you think about breaking bad action tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye" has the mi america pagent taken a huge step backwards with this year's contestants, and are they ready to give the crown to a robot? we report and you cover your eyes. and going commando to work. why won't the white house take a stance on the issue? >> it is difficult to talk about. if there is a long track record of that in the american political history. >> and want to get a job at "red eye"? if your video resume looks like this, you are on the right track. our newest intern explains how he rose above thousands of other applicants next. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and i don't care if you can't swim. let's welcome our guests.
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she joins a glass of wine, candles candles and accoustic soft rock. and he is a man barely alive, but we can't rebuild him. we don't have the technology. it is tv's andy looy vee. he'll be dead soon. and his voice is lower than joanne's self-esteem and/or standards. you can see him on comedy central a house party this saturday. and a fine movie. and his hair was done by hi hair stylist. sitting next to me, buck sexton "the blaze" national editor. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> she is that a grudge against drudge. in her first public speech in 13 years monica lieu lewinski discussed her affair with bill
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clinton and revealed she does president -- doesn't regret a thing. actually she said her life was nearly destroyed. >> thanks to the internet and a website that at the time was scarcely known outside of washington, d.c., but a website most of us know today called the drudge report, within 24 hours i game a public figure. not just in the united states, but around the entire globe. >> wasn't there a facebook, twitter and instagram back then? >> there was no facebook, twitter or instagram back then. >> lewinski discussed the abuse she endured. >> the new york post, page 6, took to calling me almost daily the portly pepper pot. i was shattered. >> i would be too. >> anyway she claims she was the first person to have her
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reputation destroyed by the inner it dash -- internet. >> overnight i went from being a completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one. i was patient zero. >> patient zero. not exactly the best metaphor at the time of ebola. the point of the speech was to show how the internet can ruin lives. did the internet really ruin her life? she joined twitter where there are not any, fortunately. if anyone deserves to be cyberbullied it is elephant who can't kick a soccer ball. >> elephants are great. they don't have to play soccer, joanne. shut up.
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>> wasn't he reporting a huge story? >> yeah, i don't know why she is focusing on the drudge report. she is now essentially holding herself up as a public figure. she is rein car nateed monica and wants to be in the best graces of the left wing media and has ""vanity fair"" doing a piece. the fact she is not going after the clintons -- if you are blaming a machine don't blame the internet machine. blame the clinton machine for trying to ruin your life for essentially sicking the fbi on you and saying you lied. the fbi threatened her with 30 years in jail. that said, she is not a good poster child for on-line abuse because she did something for two years continue us -- continuously that was wrong, but people are savages on-line. people are disgusting. i like britain's new law about how they will lock people up for on-line stalking. go for it. >> it makes you an awful
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person. did drudge harm money gnaw caw? harmonica? >> it is sad it was two years. she has this book now for people that have suffered public embarrassment and maybe she should send hillary a copy. she can use it. this is when hillary is thinking of running and she comes out of the woodwork. hillary is like, really, bitch? again? >> they are getting it out of the way now. >> it is getting it out of the way and making sure it is done and no one will talk about it during the election. >> i don't think they are thinking that way. i think she is frustrated because she can't get a job and this is now -- well she can't get a job that pays. she doesn't know what to do and this is what she does. joanne, let me ask you, do you think this is culpability in the media in this, or is it all her own fault? >> if there is anything i
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learned doing public speaking in pagents -- >> and you do it fine. >> thank you. >> she is taking the wrong approach if she wants to address the media like this. you do not play the victim. you play a survivor. she is going on here and in her speeches she is complaining about what has happened to her and whoa is me. she sign up for twitter for more abuse. it doesn't make sense. she is a masochist. she wants this awful attention as opposed to coming forward and saying i am a survivor. if you want to inspire people and be this, i don't know, public figure like she says, use it for good. >> she just reminded everybody on twitter what her nickname was. most people weren't even born then. now they know she is the portly pepper pot which incidentally was your nickname before you got on nutri-slim. she is preaching compassion and now will people be nicer to her?
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>> i think so. the internet was filled with awful people. >> now they are in their 50s. >> and that doesn't happen anymore on the internet. everyone is kind and generous and never has a bad word. >> isn't that amazing? >> it is fantastic. >> i love it. >> the argument is basically how dare my private affair with the married president of the united states which included oral sex in the white house become public knowledge. >> the oral office. >> she had an affair with the married president of the united states and she is mad that she became a public figure. it doesn't work. drugs didn't ruin her life and ken star didn't ruin her life. she ruined her life and bill clinton ruined her life. >> would you argue jennifer lawrence ruined her own life? >> that's a different thing. >> you just switched universes. >> i am playing devil's advocate there. >> it is a different thing. i am not going to explain why. >> jennifer lawrence is
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talented and fantastic. that's one of the differences. >> this is an interesting point of view mainly because it is from me and i am wearing new glasses. >> drudge may have saved her life. if an agent of a foreign country had access to the story before it was broken and before linda trip took it to drudge, they could have taken that story to the white house and said -- say it was a foreign agent for -- >> for china. >> they said we want you to do this. we want this trade deal. whatever it is it is not good for the country and you have clinton who is morally compromised going oh crap, what do they do? there is a possibility he would compromise the safety of the united states and something would have happened to money caw. in a weird way drudge saved her life. >> i would say the clintons already let the chinese have their way with national security secrets and they wouldn't care if that happened. >> why did you give that as an example?
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i asked for something and you said china. you set me up to make me look foolish. >> i had to put the bait out there. >> he is so self-satisfied. >> former cia guy. >> that's what you call a honey pot. >> why use the china example? when i started talking he sat there and grinned and bid his time. >> he let you hang yourself. jay i don't -- >> i don't like these glasses. i look like harry potter. should he check before giving a peck. in a pre game interview the cleveland cavalier -- not sure what that is -- tristan thompson lived up to his team's name by kissing a fox sports sideline reporter. steel -- steal a glance, glance stealers. >> you are moving back to the four position now, but they are interchangeable so what is the approach? >> see ball, get ball. same approach. it is simple. you know how i do it, tina. >> all right, all right. >> i'm just -- >> hey! and with that he also said he just goes off the feel
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of the game just like he does with interviews, i i guess. >> to use a basketball metaphor he almost got to second base. with thompson flirling with alley cliffton, or did he cross a line? some are calling it sexual harassment and demanding he be suspended or fined. a writer for yahoo! sports, a silly name, says quote, thompson coobt be more in the -- couldn't be more in the wrong. you want to lay your easy flirt game on someone wait two thunder showers and take it to a bar. grow up. he responded saying hey fans, at real tristan was inside joke and not a big deal. we have a good working relationship. all is good. can't wait for cavs tonight. i guess that's a dreng. while she may not mind the affection, this woman did.
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>> i will. >> just let ian have a good time. jo i that would be -- >> that would be funny if he wasn't holding a baby. >> it would be funny if the baby wasn't damien. >> baby, let's play with this giant animal mouth. >> should this player be punished for what looked like an unsolicited kiss? which is the name of my one-man play. i hope you see it. it will be in my apartment. >> i'll be there. >> and he acts out the title. >> on the awed yen. one audience member at a time. >> this is going no where. >> kristen thompson, 17 points and 11 rebounds, well above his regular season average. i don't want to say that
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sexual harassment is good, but statistics don't lie. >> you should be on espn with that analysis. buck, you are known for kissing everyone that comes on your radio show. >> that's correct. >> how many are comfortable with your creepy come ons? >> technically i am blowing kisses to the mic. there is some distance of some kilometers. the outrage machine that kicks in is getting old and tired. what will you fine the guy? he kissed her in the right rear quadrant of the head. >> that could be an area of sen sen -- sentuality. >> it is sexual harassment if you kiss them in the back of the head and say your hair is like a wolverine? no. >> you should be fined though for saying that. >> has someone done that to you? >> that's how we say hello in someplaces. >> i andy, it begs the
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question which is one of my favorite phrases. why are there sideline reports male or female in the first place? >> they get the inside dirt, greg. >> things we don't see. >> they get the information that could be relayed by a producer or the people in the booth. it is a job. it is employment. >> they should have more -- they should have a midsideline. like a sideline and then somebody in the audience and then somebody in the booth. >> somebody in the bathroom. that always happens. >> my initial reaction was first of all his name is alley -- aly and he calls her tina. at least know the name of the woman you are sexually harassing. then she tweeted it is an inside joke and no big deal. in that case no harm, no foul and no sexual harassment. however, buck, and you won't understand this, this is problematic in my opinion because of the power
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structures involved. you can read more about this on my tumbler, the problem >> the next time one of these guys comes on -- comes off the bench and gets the tap on the rear that is sexual assault. >> that's different. you can always touch a male athlete's butt. >> excuse me, sir, there are a lot of assumptions into that. >> greg, you can't. >> really? >> no, believe me. >> that's why i am not allowed at the games. i was president -- i i wasn't on the team or the coach. >> you know the nfl would kill for a problem like this. >> literally. >> a kiss on the forehead, roger goodell would kill for that. >> at least that is kind of adorable. joanne is this sexual harassment or childish antics? >> as a woman i look at her reaction. she didn't seem flustered or violated. she was caught off guard. it wasn't malicious or
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threatening in anyway. what i saw was him going in for a hug but she wouldn't go in and so then his face was right there. you know how that happens all the time? >> it happens to the people i walk toward. >> he was putting out the vibe and seeing what happens. >> buck you are a was -- casanova. >> don't do your jokes on a show. that thing in your off. office. >> that thing will be removed in two weeks. he is a good looking athlete, let's face it. if it was a fat slobbering fan he would have been arrested. if it was a fan he would have been tackled. if it was somebody with a minimal disee it -- disease it is not so charming. >> that's why when you say you have been working out, it is
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cool, you are greg. >> i think we have gone no where. are liberal squakers actual blockers? according to the pew survey, you can tell it is them by the odor, 44% of liberal people have cut facebook ties with someone because they i did agreed -- disagreed with their politics. 26% of all facebook users who have done the same. we have tape of a liberal in the presence of a republican. >> well that was interesting i guess. poor cat. should you block people who have different political views. >> i don't block the political views, but i infriend people all the time. if people request me i say yes too much and then i find out they are crazy a second
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later. if anyone starts a status with attention haters i say you are blocked. i am not dealing with this. >> i block anybody who is lock step right or left. so if i feel like what they are saying i have heard before, perhaps by me and i say i don't like you and then i get rid of them. what about you, buck? the difference between liberals and conservatives, i thought they were more open minded. >> no, they are more snarmy. that didn't factor in. it is more than two photos from your wedding i have to see. you can have the album. photos of sunsets. you are not the first to take a photo of a sunset. and your feet at the beach. you are dumb if you do that. you are dead to me. there are many rules i have. like oh gosh, global warming. why m taking fewer showers.
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>> you are mr. improve. >> you are right. i hate the feet on the beach or the feet anywhere thing. this is supposed to be our perspective. no, you have ugly feet. >> i bet you can friend people who know adam levine. >> you just all described me right now. >> it is the opposite. i find a lot of liberals have a background in theater. i don't want to say everyone, but the ones i know complain a lot. i don't like the negativity in my life. i will unfriend them. it will take one post. look at what happened on fox news. you don't know me and i get rid of them. >> i heard you have an update on the story. >> i don't. i don't doubt the story at
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all. every libertarian has more than its fair share of stalinist people who only want to hear what they want to hear. there is no doubt out of those groups liberals and leftists are the least tolerant of differing opinions. i am equal opportunity when it comes to ideology. if it is something i have heard before then i don't need to hear it again. ideology to me, ideology kills iq. >> when somebody says the government is not telling you this. they are trying to kill you. or 9/11 is an inside job. >> the first one of those is true. there has been research done. >> the music -- anytime you talk about chem trails -- >> he is trying to shut it down. >> anyway, halloween is coming up.
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a sunni school is offering break up training to students in an effort to reduce harassment at the split. school officials say they are trying to stress the importance of communication and mutual respect. for instance i need to find myself. i need space for awhile. it is not really kind. another thing has to do with social media. who cut this? don't change your status to single right away. so has the training been
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effective? here is one student. buck, it is one of the few creatures that has nicer hair than you. >> i was hoping you would let that slide. >> you are a ram -- rambling man. you get in and get on and move on. break ups ever easy for you? >> the shaggin wagon adds a degree of mobility. especially when law enforcement authorities get involved. however, i would say that really you have to approach these things and at the end of old yeller you have to do what you have to do. >> i just mean -- you are saying women are like dogs? >> no, that's not what i
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meant. >> when the movie is over, the movie is over. no matter how hard and no matter what the stakes, i will find a way to make a woman break up with me. >> that's the way most men do it. they become jerks until the woman leaves them, sam. >> i like to have fun with the break ups. >> i will be inventive with it. the last time i handed her a broken iphone and she said it is not working and i said exactly. they tell you to say things like don't say you rabid lunatic you say you are making me feel like a rabid lunatic. >> that's a story i will barrow. i did that, no you didn't. >> i saw that on "red eye." men are always breaking up with you. how do do you cope with it? how do you stay strong? >> it is the same thing every time. it is lots of wine and
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buddhist books. >> religion was invented for break ups. >> i would prefer where a school had a service of doing the breaking up for you. it is always awkward and there are always tears and not on my part. it would be nice if i cleaned my hands of all of that. >> that would be called the break up guy. it would would have -- who would be the star? the other guy from wedding crashers. vince vaughn. >> or a sharts -- shaw wart warts where he -- schwartz warts where he says i will erase your relationship. >> vince vaughn is the guy that shows up and when he is about to break them up he finds himself falling in love with the girl. however, he realizes that the guy is making a mistake so he that is to choose between breaking them up or taking the
12:27 am
girl for himself which he never does because that's part of the oath of his job. >> but then really falls in love with her. >> yes, exactly. >> and he has an inoperable brain tumor and four months to live. in this day and age it has to be a young minority comic. >> we can talk about this movie forever. >> we really can. >> what are we calling it? >> can't call it the break up air tie. >> andy, thoughts? >> well, greg, as you know i do a lot of work with college co eds and mostly stressed out
12:28 am
cheerleaders. the thing i tell them is the foolproof way of avoiding a bad break up in college is to stay away from dating fellow students. instead have an open relationship possibly with an older gentleman. and that seems to work. >> that is the guy running the course. by the way, do you need a class for everything? >> that's just it. >> don't you have friends who tell you how to do it? >> i don't have a problem with the school doing it. it is the campus counseling and health service. >> you should be doing this. >> most people learn by doing. >> the smart way to avoid bad break ups is don't date. be smart, people. >> that's the philosophy. he says he never dates. >> you break up or get married. it always happens. it is one or the other. >> john cusak is part of a gay couple he has to break up.
12:29 am
>> he and jack black reunited from "haifa del tee." >> that's true, but they are rich producers in the hollywood hills and vince has is to break them up. it is comical. >> you you know who is playing the doctor? >> will farrell? >> andy dick. >> you don't want to do a come back thing for him. he screws it. he screws it up. >> everyone deserves a 17th chance. >> coming up, a teacher is busted over her wheel of miss fortune. wonder if that is a euphemism -- well, it is not. there it is. first, a word from our sponsor. tonight's sponsor is fun house holograms. wish you could have a different bod? now you can with zero work or effort. we project a hologram around you. order the fun house hologram now.
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was the wheels a bad deal? a washington state high school teacher, aren't they all, was suspended for allowing students to spin which he called the wheel of miss fortune to avoid detention. earlier this month cell phone video surfaced of one student who was caught chewing gum and being pelted with kush balls after she spun the wheel. the sophomore who used a book to shield her face said it felt great.
12:34 am
>> i think it is like cool she that is a wheel, but the firing squad, i don't think that is cool. it hurts. >> that is the kind of quote i like. anyway the school district decided not to fire the teacher, kimberly patterson, sounds cute, and decided that her unusual brand of punishment was inappropriate technique, but not bullying. she had been doing this for two years. she just got caught now. she is pretty lucky. that's a long run of abuse. >> it is like "the pricethe price isthe price is right" meets 100 years of solitude. i hope the principal has a wheel he does for psychotic. >> i think the firing squad was a bad idea. the wheel of miss fortune has potential if the right events were chosen. >> this is a fantastic teaching tool for how government works. it is dysfunctional and it
12:35 am
gives out bin benefit and punishments. i actually like this. you start to see the randomness and the evil in a system that you have to live under and can't create. this should bring out the anarchist in all of us. >> i don't even no i what a kush ball is. >> i may have fallen on one back in the day. >> that was stretch armstrong. >> and it does stretch, believe me. >> and you do need a strong arm. >> either that or forceps. and when the nurse yells it's a boy! >> this is not funny. i have to get back to the party. joanne, should she have been fired or promoted? >> spin the wheel and find out. i like the idea of the wheel
12:36 am
and education. you have to keep it fresh and interesting. i would rather have kush ball thrown at me than detention. >> time is money. >> however, these punishments are more disruptive and distracting in the classroom than the gum chewing. you say spit it out or you are leaving the classroom is a opposed to everyone stop and spin the wheel and now get out your balls. >> she found a way not to teach. you said something funny. >> putting the 70s science video in the thing where it was -- the life of adams and you sit there and watch for an hour. >> you are such a radio guy. >> buck sexton and the zoo. traffic on the 9 is building up. what am i doing? andy, save me. she said she didn't want to embarrass students. but it doesn't seem like that. >> that seems like the whole
12:37 am
point. it could have been more so. the wheel could have landed on go to a paul mccurio show. i feel the best possible punishment is always making them write an essay. if you are caught chewing gum give me 500 words on the history of gum. you are punishing them, but they are also learning something that could win them big money on jeopardy one day. it is win-win. >> that's true. writing an essay sucks. >> in the video she has the rag over the kid's head. it looked like the beginning of an isis video. >> i actually think it is a better idea than clapping erasers or writing i will not do something a hundred times. maybe the essay is a better idea. >> can toys lead to squeaking? a mother in florida where most mothers are based is demanding they stop selling "breaking bad" action figures.
12:38 am
they call the dolls, quote, a dangerous deviation from their family friendly values. >> knowing that those are the item that one needs to make meth, i think it is wrong. kids mimic their action figures, if you will. do you want your child in an orange jump suit? >> the anti-meth mom started a petition on change .org and they have 8,000 signatures. toys r us responded saying the packaging notes that the items are intended for 18 and up. they are in the adult action figures of the store. they told the ap that the dolls are being removed and shelfed. meanwhile brian cranston tweeted something. florida mom petitions over "breaking bad" action figures. i am so mad i am burning my florida mom action figure in protest. >> really sold that. >> that was too long. i say she has a point, but toys r us had a point.
12:39 am
>> this is in fort meyers, florida. florida has bigger problems. and you want to get them pulled off shelves? don't buy them for kids. they don't have any money. they can't buy toys. if you are an adult who buys them, you have your own problems to worry about. >> that's a lot of problems. buck, i am not allowed in toys r us for various reasons. should they have toys based on meth dealers ? >> sure. i have a hard time believing this is the weirdest thing in the adult toy section of toys r us, just putting that out there. and just like with the wheel of punishment or the wheel of death there are lessons. like in capitalism and entrepreneur ship and overreach of government and substances that can be used responsibly by adults. you should learn you don't eat uncle sam in your pocket and how to make your meth. with that i drop the mic.
12:40 am
>> it wasn't that good. joanne, would you care if your child was in toys r us and wanted it. >> being the good mother m why, my boy slash girl, i want him/her to play with this action figure than a barbie. at least they are learning about science. this is an actual career. barbie is fake. she can't do all that. this is speaking more about parenting than the toy store itself. no child should know what it is because they shouldn't be watching the show because of the mature content. >> it is in the adult section. >> i have been confused. >> is it very, very confusing. it is also uh ration. arousing. >> it is the glorification of the anti-hero. >> tell your kids they are on
12:41 am
the front lines of fighting ebola. it is the same suit. it is a yellow hazard suit with a gas mask. tell your kids they are maybe not the cdc after the last couple weeks, but fighting ebola. >> that's a vaccine. >> dplaw -- florida has bigger problems. >> i support a parent who is worried about things. >> you should buy call of duty and halo and things like that. those send a better message, but are collectibles. they want to buy one of these to put by their 6 foot tall chewbacca and "star wars" bed sheet. >> you just gave me the correct phrase when i go to the hospital. it is a collectible. >> well, it what. >> they banned porn in prisons, but you know what they won't ban? my book, "not cool."
12:42 am
back in a moment. first, here is what is coming up tomorrow on the independents. >> hey and hello. tomorrow night on the independents, it is going "red eye." andy levy is going to be here and sherrod small. hope you check it out at 9:00 and midnight on the fox business network. ,a
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they are suing the state saying the ban violates the constitutional right. currently serving 56 year for murder has been denied access to an art book that shows how to draw the human form and features the nude models. the prison policy prohibits the sexual activity and nudity and allows for materials that are literary artistic and educational in nature. one person said pink has a good case if he can prove the book is art as opposed to something he feverishly masturbates to. because that's what you do, buck. feverishly masturbate to art books in prison. his victim can't look at porn, why should he? he is in prison. >> there is no way for me to talk about this as buck sexton
12:47 am
discussing banned porn. it sounds weird. you are welcome media matters and i don't like them, whatever. i don't know why this is banned in the first place. when you are in prison you have certain rights taken away? drawing nude models is artistic. >> i draw a lot of nude models back to my place. does this make sense to you? i don't think we should have any books. guy i know it is late and this guy's case he already killed a guy, but i like to encourage artistic. hitler wanted to be a painter. a few more people should have been like, dude, are you a great painter. >> if more people bought his works of art who know what's would have happened. >> keeping porn away from prisoners is a great idea.
12:48 am
what can go wrong with not letting prisoners release their frustration alone. it seems ash strear. arbit all it is an art book. the prison's own code says if it is an art book they are exempted. >> am i the only sensible person who thinks you shouldn't have porn. >> i am sensible. use your manning nation. it is not that hard. >> use your imagination. >> he was given the right to life. he does president need much else. he doesn't need much else. >> the best porn is in your brain. if you start using porn your brain gets lazy. >> i think you want to keep the testosterone levels as low as is po. >> i am not saying they can do what they do, but they do it in their heads. >> who does it in their heads
12:49 am
anymore? >> you need to foster imagination in children. >> prisoners need to use their imagination. that's why they are in jail. >> a 44-year-old man -- i am 28 and i can't -- >> blame that on pornography. you used to be able to think. your mu sells got flabby. >> i used to do it to jennifer love-hewitt's smile. >> you need 16 girls go going through a forest. >> the point is you could think of somebody, a girl you went to school with or whatever. now it is -- there are studies. it has prevented you from becoming -- being able to be imaginative and that's a shame, america. we will do an hour on that on "fox and friends."
12:50 am
xomeing up, a story -- coming up, a story about the president of the united states. stick around. it's fun.
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire
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that's the last story. >> he handled the tease with ease. president obama encountered a jealous boyfriend while casting his early ballot in the illinois state elections. >> i was president really -- i wasn't really -- this is embarrassing. for no reason whatsoever you will be going back home and talking to your friends about this. what is his name? >> mike. >> i can't believe mike. he is a fool. >> watching. >> anyway, the boyfriend explained his outburst. >> it was so silent in there and everybody was taking pictures so i figured i had to say something to make some people laugh. >> later disappeared and is presumed dead. i find that a disgrace and i think everybody in that film should be impeached. >> i am disgusted. obama then hugs and kisses her
12:55 am
on the cheek after her boyfriend actually fiancee specifically asked him not to. that is a slap in the face. >> it is an impeachment offense. >> we should feel safe when we are voting. >> it is a war on women. i feel unsafe watching that video. i feel violated. >> he kissed her on the cheek and said let's give him something to be jealous about. how great would it be if he was making out? >> then he would be up for a third term. i would break all constitutional laws. >> you only see obama street side when he is in chicago. when he is in dc he is like, my fellow americans. in chicago he is like, i'm your bro, come on. >> he is qoit charming -- quite charming, isn't he? >> we have a custom in this country that means the president is allowed to sleep with whatever women he wants. >> that's scotland. >> really? >> i don't know. i saw it in a movie.
12:56 am
>> you are right. i got that wrong. >> never a bad time for a "brave heart" reference. >> that's the movie. delightful comedy, right? buck, did you approve of obama's behavior? >> i know what you are trying to do. this is a trap for people to have owe rational obama hatred. ii am not going to say the president didn't ham this well. i think he did. i could use this as an opportunity to talk about he is terrible at foreign policy and he is running this country to the ground single handedly. i could do that, but that would be lame because he handled it well. we should give the president a hand up when he is not actually destroying the nation. give him his due on this. >> you are so fare the way you handled that. i will say that the republicans actually need somebody who is as glib and
12:57 am
relaxed as obama. >> romney 2016, baby. >> joanne, buck sexton. bye. for democrats,
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
quit pandering. king, be there, tonight. it's 5:00 in new york city, it's time for "the five." >> okay, so we're two weeks out from midterm elections and it's going to be a close call on what wins the senate, every day counts, every seat counts so the motto should be no mistakes for anyone, republican or democrat, but president obama made a huge mistake in an interview with am sharpton yesterday. the president admitting that democratic candidate also pushing away from his unpopular policies just to get elected and then they will vote with him


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